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So the website is currently under maintenance and being fixed, and will not let you place any orders.

However we are still accepting orders directly through PayPal during this time.
This is done with our direct help. If you would like to continue and place an order, here is how...
Browse the options and items available and find what you would like to buy. Continue through the process until you get to the payment screen.Then simply TEXT... our business phone with a screenshot/picture of your final Checkout cart showing your options and subtotals, or just send your order info (name, subtotal, Options you chose, size, your address, and your contact email) and we will assist you from there! 
Business Phone for orders or any questions is 44384zero0201. It is a Text only number at the time but if you would like a call back simply request one in the message.
Phone hours are Monday-Friday 10AM-12PM expect responses within 24 hrs, during that time frame.  

Thanks for your patience during this rebuilding process!

 - Sierato & The Sierato Team